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Enterprise Software applications

App Development

Dynamic Website Development

ISM (Information System Management)

Quantitative Analysis

Data Mining

Database Mining

Computer and Data Security / Forensics

Hardware, CCTV and Networking Solutions



We incorporate artificial intelligence with our design.

Creative Ideas

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About us

Share Direct is a wholly owned Ghanaian company registered under the company Act 1963 of Ghana with Reg No. CS203272016. Our technology company aims at utilizing technology to change the world. We therefore create and employ several innovative platforms to solve real life problems

We believe in using technology to bridge the gap in communication to solve real challenges for businesses. Our team of professional project managers, UI/UX designers, programmers, back-end developers and administrative staff seek to give our clients the best in innovative products and service.

PayZone is an advertising that utilizes technology to deliver ads in the most efficient yet cheapest way.

Our innovative and creative system is the first of its kind, we pay app users to share ads to social networks, hence allowing advertisers to reach the estimated 77% of the world’s population online with ease. Our system allows for people to earn significant amount of monies from the comfort of their internet enabled devices at zero cost. We pay our App users with our PayZone App / platform. Learn more at www.payzone.cash

Direct Student Portal is an extension of the "School Management Platform" that gives parents full access to all information regarding their child's education as well as students accessing their school records. Get access to School fees, Reports, attendance, timetable, behavior and events. Download Now

Due to our hard work, we received an award from coka-cola for an outstanding performance in technology.

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