Our Services

How we work

  • 1] Low Cost and effecient Awareness Creation
  • 2] Boost Short term sales using the PayZone App
  • 3] Creating Digital Employment for the Masses

Why choose our services

Because of our ability to reach all social platforms through individuals, we have the combining reach of all social media and instant messenger platforms.

We monitor our traffic and ensure that businesses reach interested potential customers and since that is the only thing we charge for, our pricing is as low as $0.05 per follow-up.

We provide statistical results including geographical location, contacts and feedback from potential customers.

Instead of just waiting for your traffic to convert to sales in the long term, we ensure that our users who promote your business also pay for your services and buy your products in the short term

Example: If you spend $1000 on PayZone advertising, you can get upto $1200 back in sales. This is why we are the only advertising company that can give you upto 120% Cash Back in Sales.

As a business, you have a social responsibility to support the community in terms of social impact.

PayZone creates digital employment for the masses hence advertising on PayZone, means creating jobs for the jobless and aiding the needy and poor.